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 Notaries: The Case In Point Staff

Due to the high demand of notarized documents, the Case In Point staff are all becoming notaries within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Karen Taylor, Tom Luongo, Bryan Reis, Frank Kelly, and Kristine McDonough are all notaries, while the rest of the staff are in the process of securing the important credential.   In addition, to notarizing legal documents, the Notary staff members are able to issue subpoenas and notarize sworn statements. 

A New Investigator is added
To The Case In Point Team

Case In Point, Inc., continues to expand its team and welcomes Investigator Sean Milotte to the group. Sean graduated from Saint Anselm College with a degree in Criminal Justice. He brings ahigh level of enthusiasm and energy to the team and continues to expand his knowledge as an investigator.


The Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council has approved Investigator  Josh Goodwin to join the list of the Nation’s top criminal defense professionals.  The process and requirements to earn the title of CCDI are very demanding.  Two full years of experience in a private or public agency in which a minimum of 25 comprehensive criminal defense investigations must have been completed.  Single task oriented assignments are not enough to satisfy the prerequisites.  The investigator must also successfully complete 40 hours of training approved and accredited by the CDITC.  They must also adhere to the continuing education requirements mandated to maintain the CCDI designation including ten continuing education units every two years.  Moreover, two signed letters of recommendation from defense counsels must be obtained noting the investigator’s reputation, intellectual acuity, ability, accomplishments, and skill level as a criminal defense investigator.   Approximately 200 men and women have earned this distinction in the United States, and so to join the ranks is an exclusive honor.  Goodwin is now one of five Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigators at Case In Point including Bryan Reis, Frank Kelly, Tom Luongo, and Brandon Perron. 

 A Results Oriented Philosophy

Restraining Order Violation Dismissed

Investigator Bryan Reis, CCDI recovered the details and facts necessary to produce a diagram clearly and accurately reflecting the true distance claimed in a restraining order violation.  Attorney Alex Shapoval used the diagram to demonstrate that the distance in quesiton was nearly three times more than initially claimed.  All Charges were dismissed.

Assault & Battery Dropped

Attorney Mita Prakash prepared a solid alibi defense on behalf of a juvenile defendant assused of Assault & Battery with the assistance of Case In Point investigators.   Although the defendant was identified at the scene, multiple witnesses were identified by the defense and testified on the defendant's behalf.  At the last minute, the accusers declined to testify.  All Charges were dismissed.  

CIP Investigator Complimented by Trial Judge

Investigator Josh Goodwin, CCDI conducted a comprehensive investigator for Attorney Neil Madden involving the charges of Armed Robbery, A & B, and ABDW.    The facts uncovered by Investigator Goodwin facilitated favorable results for the defendant.  The jury found the defendant Not Guilty on all charges except the ABDW.  The defendant was facing a sentence of 15 years to life.  The trial judge commented on the "professionalism" of Investigator Goodwin's testimony. 

Murder Case Dismissed in
Rhode Island

Investigator Thomas Luongo, CCDI worked with Attorney Watson to complete the homicide investigation in the case of the State of Rhode Island v. Michael Carter* and the investigation for the co-defendant in the State of Rhode Island v. Brian Johnson*. Both cases were dismissed after Investigator Luongo located and obtained a statement from a key witness, whom the state failed locate.  Investigator Luongo's diligent effort provided the facts necessary to secure a favorable result.

Note:  Names were changed to maintain confidentiality.

A Major Felony Assualt with Intent to Murder case has been Dismissed

Investigator Thomas Luongo, CCDI worked with Attorney Caron in the investigation of the State of Rhode Island v. Fernelys Samuel*.  This case was dismissed after Investigator Luongo interviewed the complainant and then the complainant changed his statement when he testified. 

*Names were changed to maintain confidentiality



Brandon Perron, CCDI, FTER-CFI, a native of the New England area, has been a licensed private investigator since 1989 and has served meritoriously as a criminal investigator with the United States Air Force, as a Public Defender Investigator, and as the owner/operator of Investigative Support Specialist; a private investigation firm in southern Florida. 

Perron, well known throughout the country, was named one of the “Top Ten Private Investigation Leaders in the United States” by P.I. Magazine in 1998.  He has received many other accolades such as the National Association of Investigative Specialists naming him the Investigator of the Year for 2003 and 2004.  He is also the National Director of the Criminal Defense Investigator Training Council (CDITC).

Perron recently decided to join the team at Case in Point, Inc. as its Strategic Operations Director stating, “The idea of rising to the challenge and becoming the region's most recognized top private criminal investigation unit is very exciting.”

Among his first directives as the SOD was to establish a special team to include Investigators Tom Luongo, Frank Kelly, Bryan Reis, Dan Collins, Josh Goodwin and others.  This team has begun, and will continue to undergo, a training process like no other.

Backed by Perron’s widely used book Uncovering Reasonable Doubt: The Component Method, Case In Point’s training will be held to a standard that yields results.  The same training is used in programs such as Boston University’s certificate program for Professional Investigation, as well as, 19 statewide Public Defender Agencies and countless other private investigation agencies coast to coast.


CIP is dedicated to focusing resources drawn from the diversity of our staff in a manner that will optimize a successful resolution of every case. The primary mission of the Strategic Operations Division (SOD) is to provide criminal defense attorneys representing indigent and private clients with the most thorough, efficient, and timely investigations possible. The SOD focuses its efforts upon the identification, development, and pursuit of leads and evidence relevant to the question of guilt of innocence as well as the application of due process.

The SOD maintains the fundamental philosophy of impartial and objective purveyors of facts operating as an agent of defense counsel. The SOD will function as Counsel's independent investigative division. The attorney-client privilege is invoked in respect to all communications with the defendant and defense counsel. In addition, the confidentiality of the work-product doctrine as it relates to the rules of criminal procedure and discovery are followed and applied strategically pursuant to standard operational procedures and the request of defense counsel.

CIP Strategic Teams are designed to makes use of every one of its employees to assist in any and all assignments.   We pride ourselves in our ability to meet specific requests for our clients in the most extroardinary circumstances and when a deadline rapidly approaches. 

The most effective way to assign a case with Case In Point is to send the file and necessary information to the office and allow SOD supervisors to give the assignment to the team best suited for the investigation.

Strategic Teams Created 

The institution of Strategic Operation Team are designed to focus specialties and further expand the teamwork service that has advanced the success of Case In Point. 

Senior and Nationally Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator (CCDI) Bryan Reis leads the Special Operations Team (SOT).  Accompanying him will be fellow Senior Investigator, Frank Kelly, CCDI, Investigator Josh Goodwin, CCDI, and Sean Milotte.   Cases will be reviewed and assigned based upon education, training, and experience.  

As always, investigators outside the designated Criminal Defense Teams will be available to supplement investigations.  This includes investigators such as Kristine McDonough, who can translate for Spanish speaking witnesses, Tom Luongo, CCDI, who has over 40 years of investigating experience with the Rhode Island Public Defenders Office, and Director Brandon Perron, CCDI, who chairs the National Criminal Defense Investigation Council.  Case In Point also has many other staff members who can assist at any time. 

The benefits to all Case In Point's clientèle are ten-fold.  Director Perron remarks, "The 'brainstorming' aspects alone elevate the process and results.  Another important factor is that it removes the solitary component and allows for camaraderie.  Different perspectives will always enhance the investigative process and we have a talent pool that screams for it." 

Professional Investigators!

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