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Family Law/Child Custody/Missing Persons


The breakdown of a marriage is a tragic event under any circumstances.  However, when the financial stakes are high and children are involved, the significance of an effective legal strategy becomes crucial.  Investigation of the facts can make or break a case.  Information uncovered during the course of investigation can arm a lawyer with the evidence necessary to gain the desired advantage in any legal proceeding.  Our staff of trained professionals approach every case with painstaking attention and detail.  We understand that a divorce or custody action can be extremely emotional.   Therefore, we take the necessary steps required to maintain an aggressive investigation while also recognizing the emotional distress of the situation.  A professional investigation can provide you with the edge you need to pursue a beneficial resolution.


Effective Surveillance Operations require extensive training and experience.  It is in this area that we excel beyond the boundaries of the average investigative agency.  Our staff understands the need to identify the objective and document the questionable activity in a manner that will advance the clients goals.  We approach every case with military precision.  The covert nature of every surveillance assignment is maintained with integrity via a combination of critical and creative thinking designed to track the most difficult subjects.  Undercover strategies are also utilized to develop information and leads in a manner that defines excellence. 

Anti-Stalking Countermeasures are performed with the highest degree of expertise and understanding regarding the issues associated with stalking.  We recognize the terrror that is instilled in victims by their offenders and work closely with law enforcement and service providers to gather the evidence necessary to protect vicitims.   Action Plans include but are not limited to comprehensive investigation, surveillance, counter-surveillance, and sting operations.


Missing Persons cases are aggressively approached from a professional perspective utilizing all available resources to locate the subject in question.   Tracking methods include database research, surveillance, undercover, and extensive field investigation.  We understand the emotional conflict generated by a lost family member or friend.  Each case is evaluated on an individual basis.  Our staff of seasoned professionals can dedicate the necessary time and resources that are not available to law enforcement agencies.


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