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Criminal Investigations

A Results Oriented Philosophy

Case In Point, Inc., has long established itself by its solid, professional performance and results oriented achievements. Case In Point, Inc., has become the leader in the criminal defense investigations field by its ability to obtain answers and results for its clientèle.

Case In Point, Inc., offers its services throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Independently owned and operated franchises are also located in Florida and New Jersey.

Case In Point, Inc., possesses a vast wealth of knowledge, experience, and a talented, tireless staff with wide ranging experience. This experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Case Review & Analysis
  • Victim Background
  • Witness Background
  • Crime Scene Inspections
  • Victim Interviews
  • Witness Interviews
  • Diagrams
  • Victim Location
  • Witness Location
  • Photography
  • In Depth Investigations
  • Effective Report Writing
  • Evidence Recovery
  • Forensic Report Review
  • Review of Technical Reports
  • Courtroom Testimony
  • Coordination of Experts
  • Location of Expert Witnesses

The Case In Point Criminal Investigations Division has worked on thousands of district and superior court level criminal cases to include homicide, rape, assault and battery with a deadly weapon, breaking and entering, and many more.  Staff members are experienced in all areas of criminal investigations and practice the component method for each investigation.  Most staff members have criminal justice degrees, law enforcement or military experience. 

Our office has extensive experience with homicides, sexual assaults, felony cases, personal and property crimes, drug, and death penalty cases in both the State and Federal Court System.  This office has also conducted and coordinated numerous interstate investigations with and for other Defender agencies at the State and Federal levels.  Case In Point has widespread  experience in the review of forensic evidence and a vast network of experts available nationwide to consult with.   

Many members of the staff have senior criminal investigative status and are also Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigators.  Although these members are capable of working criminal assignments independently, the philosophy of the company is to have a strategic criminal investigative group working in unison to ensure the highest level of creative thinking.  This group environment provides the best results and guarantees that the agency not only provides quality results, but also the most timely responses in the industry.

Case In Point, Inc., is an active member of the
National Defender Investigator Association (NDIA), as well as, the Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council (CDITC).  We employ dedicated professionals who are prepared to meet any of your investigative needs throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island, as well as, offices in New Jersey and Florida.  Our services are unsurpassed in timeliness and expertise.  We are a full-scale investigative company specializing in civil, workers compensation, property/casualty, and criminal investigations.  We look forward to working with you in the near future.


CIP is dedicated to focusing resources drawn from the diversity of our staff in a manner that will optimize a successful resolution of every case. The primary mission of the Strategic Operations Division (SOD) is to provide criminal defense attorneys representing indigent and private clients with the most thorough, efficient, and timely investigations possible. The SOD focuses its efforts upon the identification, development, and pursuit of leads and evidence relevant to the question of guilt of innocence as well as the application of due process.

The SOD falls under the strategic direction of Brandon Perron, CCDI-FTER CFI, a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator and FTER Certified Forensic Interviewer, promoting the fundamental philosophy of impartial and objective purveyors of facts operating as an agent of defense counsel. The SOD will function as Counsel's independent investigative division. The attorney-client privilege is invoked in respect to all communications with the defendant and defense counsel. In addition, the confidentiality of the work-product doctrine as it relates to the rules of criminal procedure and discovery are followed and applied strategically pursuant to standard operational procedures and the request of defense counsel.

CIP Strategic Teams are designed to makes use of every one of its employees to assist in any and all assignments. We pride ourselves in our ability to meet specific requests for our clients in the most extroardinary circumstances and when a deadline rapidly approaches.

The most effective way to assign a case with Case In Point is to send the file and necessary information to the office and allow SOD supervisors to give the assignment to the team best suited for the investigation.


The institution of a Strategic Operation Team is designed to focus specialties and further expand the teamwork service that has advanced the success of Case In Point.

Special Operations Team

Senior and Nationally Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator  Bryan Reis, CCDI leads the Special Operations Team (SOT) Alpha Team. Accompanying him is the highly experienced and seasoned Senior Investigator, Frank Kelly, CCDI, Investigator Josh Goodwin, CCDI and Investigator Sean Milotte.   Cases will be reviewed and assigned based upon education, training, and experience.

The SOT draws upon team resources to develop specialized action plans customized to facilitate a successful resolution and arm defense counsel with the facts necessary to present a strong defense.

As always, investigators outside the designated Criminal Defense Teams will be available to supplement investigations. This includes investigators such as Kristine McDonough, who can translate for Spanish speaking witnesses, Thomas Luongo, CCDI, who has over 40 years of investigating experience with the Rhode Island Public Defenders Office and currently leads the Rhode Island Criminal Division.  Case In Point also enjoys the expertise of nationally recognized criminal defense investigation leader, author, and trainer Brandon Perron, CCDI, FTER-CFI, who chairs the National Criminal Defense Investigation Council.  Of course, Case In Point also has many other staff members who can assist at any time.

The benefits to all Case In Point's clientèle are ten-fold. Strategic Operations Director Brandon Perron remarks, "The 'brainstorming' aspects alone elevate the process and results. Another important factor is that it removes the solitary component and allows for camaraderie. Different perspectives will always enhance the investigative process and we have a talent pool that screams for it."


Case In Point also maintains a network of forensic experts available for consultation in such areas as Blood Spatter & Bloodstain Analysis, Digital Data Recovery & Computer Forensics, Forensic Interviewing, and Police Procedure & Operations, to name just a few.

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