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Top Reasons to Use CIP

Top 10 Reasons to Use
Case In Point's
Criminal Division


 1.   Case In Point follows a specific methodology....when it comes to the investigative process.  The Component Method allows us to conduct a comprehensive investigation, leaving no stone unturned.  A specific methodology or formula can produce better results and more compelling evidence.  This a direct benefit to the attorney and the client. 

2.   Case In Point's methodology focuses upon recovering support the defendant's position.  It is often said that lawyers are like "Big Guns", but a gun is only as good as it's ammunition.  Our goal is to search for the truth with the hope of exposing reasonable doubt by developing leads and uncovering evidence that the attorney can use to argue his or her case.

3.   Case In Point has some of the top criminal defense investigators in the well as, forensic experts available for consultation at any time.  They are also available to assist if needed on complex cases.  No case is too small or too large.  You are part of a larger organization of highly qualified and nationally recognized professionals.

4.   Case In Point investigators can conduct any size investigation....which includes both limited, task-oriented investigations or full blown comprehensive inquiries focused upon developing a sound defense theory.  Our investigators do not need their hand held in the field as it relates to the investigative process.  However, we welcome strict guidelines set forth by defense counsel in respect to field assignments.  We do not practice law.  We develop and pursue leads in an attempt to uncover evidence in support of the defendant's position. 

5.   Case In Point generates timely, accurate, and well-written reports.  It is our specialty.  We understand the need to provide clear reports that accurately records our findings.  These reports can be used for depositions, direct cross-examination of witnesses, or general trial preparation.  We are also very aware of issues with Rules of Discovery. 

6.   Case In Point will customize policies and procedures to suit your needs....and develop a positive working relationship that you are comfortable with.  We recognize that each attorney maintains his or her own philosophy as it relates to the practice of law.  This is all done with the benefit of the client in mind. 

7.   Case In Point investigators understand the need for effective client relations.  It is our philosophy that we maintain a professional results-oriented relationship with you and your clients.  It has been our experience that can act as an ambassador of good will with the client.  This also allows the attorney to maintain a positive feedback situation with the client.

8.   Case In Point investigators maintain a professional image....and represent defense counsel as professionals in the field, as well as, in the courtroom as a witness.  We can testify to our findings and provide the defense with a credible and compelling professional witness. 

9.   Case In Point understands the develop evidence and present ourselves in the community in a manner that benefits you and your own reputation.  With this in mind, honesty, integrity, and professionalism are our priorities as professional investigators.

10.   Case In Point will not allow accounts receivables to become a problem.  We appreciate the financial relationship we have with our clients and will do anything we can to avoid problems some attorneys have with the billing process of many private investigation companies.  We will work with you to find a process that suits you.  

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