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Rates and Fees

Rates and Fees

Some of our rates and fees are dictated to us by the states for which we conduct investigations for indigent clients.  Please consult our main office for details on the cost structure for your state. 

Our general price structure is laid out here.  Although it can be flexible, you will need special approval and extenuating circumstances to vary from any of the below charges.  No work will be conducted on a Criminal Defense Investigation without an attorney also retained in the matter.   Case In Point is dedicated to preserving and protecting the Attorney-Client Privilege as an Agent of Counsel.

This is a requirement for any investigation prior to any work being conducted.  The initial amount of the retainer will be discussed and determined upon the size and complexity of the investigation.

The minimum retainer for any investigation begins at $500, but may be larger depending on the size and complexity of the investigation.  Additional retainers may be requested as the investigation progresses.

This price structure may be suggested for minor task-oriented investigations, such as Process Serving, Database and Online Research, Courthouse Searches, File Organization and Analysis, etc.  The size and scope of any flat rate will vary dependent upon the task(s) needed. 

This price structure is most common and necessary for all comprehensive and strategic investigations.  These investigations may include activities such as Discovery Analysis and Strategic Planning; Database, Courthouse and Online Research; Witness/Involved Persons Interviews; Defendant Interviews; Crime Scene Analysis; Photography and Diagramming; Status Updates and Reports; communications with Counsel; and others.  Travel time will be applied using the agreed-upon hourly rate.

The hourly rates start at $95 per hour and may be raised depending upon the seriousness and complexity or level of experience required to conduct the investigation.  Multiple investigators may be used at the same hourly rate, per investigator per hour at some points in the same investigation.

This includes charges for mileage, beginning at $0.52 per mile, and any other charge incurred during the investigation such as parking, database access, obtaining court documents, development of photographs, constructing court exhibits, etc. 

Please contact the main office for any questions or for more details regarding these terms. 

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