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Covering New England - Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Florida.  

Case In Point Staff

Case In Point Investigations is committed to providing you with the highest level of investigative support.  We approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding.  We search for the truth!

Case In Point, Inc., is touted for its superior investigative results, organizational skills, case management, office systems, response to urgent assignments, and its industry leading turn around time.

All of the employees work directly for Case In Point, Inc., and are not subcontractors.  This is to ensure the highest degree of attention when servicing our clients.  Each employee completes a rigorous training program.  Most staff members have backgrounds in criminal justice, law enforcement, military and paralegal studies.

Case In Point, Inc., conducts ongoing training classes for all levels of the operation.  This ensures that any new methods, procedures, forensic and technology changes, and related case laws are adhered to.  This training is applicable to insurance investigations, as well as, civil and criminal investigations.

Investigators specializing in criminal defense investigations are Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigators by the National Criminal Defense Investigator Training Council.  In addition, criminal defense case investigators participate in constant training with the National Defender Investigator Association.  Case In Point, Inc., maintains its membership in the National Defender Investigator Association and the Criminal Defense Investigator Training Council.

Investigators specializing in personal injury, workers compensation, and other civil investigation procedures maintain their training via a variety of seminars and conferences sponsored by numerous investigator associations throughout the region and country.

Case In Point, Inc., utilizes state of the art equipment ranging from the most sophisticated surveillance tools to the most current computers and database systems.

Case In Point, Inc., maintains a professional and secure library of work completed, as well as, publications on topics used in the investigations and research of insurance, civil and criminal cases.
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