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Internal Investigations


An American company of average size can lose as much as twenty percent of its gross sales from theft. Case In Point, Inc. can help combat those losses, while providing valuable information on the work habits and attitudes of employees, through an internal survey program.

Industrial/Corporate Services: Undercover investigators from Case In Point, Inc. pose as employees in the company. These undercover investigators work with other fellow employees in the company to uncover dishonesty, drug use, as well as, attitude problems that reduce the operating efficiency of the business. Such investigations pay off in reduced losses from theft, and provide the tools to improve the operation and working environment of the business.

Retail Services: Case In Point, Inc. Investigators assists retail stores in resolving theft problems, but prevention is just one part of the total services that Case In Point, Inc. offers. We also conduct shopping tests to uncover problems that are not immediately visible to management. A Case In Point investigator poses as a customer in supermarkets, restaurants, retail stores, electronic stores, department stores, or any other store that provides products or services to the public. After his or her undercover trip, the investigator completes a comprehensive questionnaire that highlights any issues important to the client or other management problems. This questionnaire is provided to the client for his or her analysis and use.

Our undercover investigative staff possesses wide-ranging experience in retail sales; extended service contracts, appropriate business practices and procedures.

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